As we get permits and documents we will post them here so people can review them

There will be two key permitting processes;

Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Federal BLM process

And the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection Permits

BLM's Draft Environmental impact statement is out... Click Here to Read..

We have obtained key permit applications filed by Lithium Nevada for the Thacker Pass Lithium Mine with the Nevada Department of Environmental quality.   Remember these are Applications the Permits are not open to public comment yet.

You can view the Plan of Operations Permit Application here  (This is the same as in the pink box above)  Attachments have been omitted because they are too large

You can view the Water Pollution Control Permit Application here  (Attachments are omitted because they are too large)

You can view the North and South Extension Exploration Plan Application Here

The Air Emissions Permit does not appear to have been filed yet we will post when it is obtained

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